A Case Study on Supervision and the Importance of Have Clear Procedures


Monica coaches alone at a park site tennis venue. During a junior group coaching lesson one of the children, 8 year old Ben, tells Monica he is desperate for the toilet. Ben’s parent has not stayed to watch and Monica does not want to stop the lesson for the whole group to have a toilet break as the lesson has almost finished. The toilets are a short walk through the park area from the tennis courts.

Ben tells Monica that he is fine to go to the toilet alone and will run there and back quickly. Monica decides that this will be ok as Ben seems very mature for his age.

Monica carries on coaching the group and ten minutes later the lesson finishes. Ben’s mum asks Monica where Ben is and she points his mum in the direction of the toilets.




Monica then starts her next lesson. Soon after this Ben’s mum returns and she cannot find Ben. Other parents and children hear of this and join the search for Ben. Some time passes and Ben’s mother calls the police for help.

It is later established that Ben had been abducted on his way to the toilet. Monica is devastated by this and for allowing Ben to go alone to the toilet, neglecting his care.




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