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Q1. How do I know if a coach is LTA Accredited?

You can ask the coach to confirm they are accredited, but you can also check this yourself online and we would always recommend you do this.

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An accredited coach will have a DBS check if working with children, safeguarding training, first aid training and insurance.

LTA accredited coaches have a DBS check if coaching children, safeguarding training enabling them to identify and report concerns, first aid training and insurance.

Q2. Why do I need to know who my venue Welfare Officer is?

It’s important to know your Welfare Officer because any safeguarding concerns can be reported to them directly an they are trained to manage that information.

Details of your venue Welfare Officer will be found in your venue’s safeguarding policy, online and on posters around the venue. They can also help you with advice around how the club keeps children safe.

If you cannot find your venue welfare officer details please contact the LTA safeguarding team at

Q3. Why are codes of conduct in tennis are important?

Codes of conduct are really important as they help everyone to understand what types of behaviours are okay and not okay. Venues will have codes of conduct in their safeguarding policy, which you can ask to see a copy of.

Everyone who participates at LTA competitions, whether that is as a player, spectator, coach or official have also signed up to code of conduct. You should familiarise yourself with these so that any behaviour outside of these codes can be reported.

Rules and Regulations

Fair Play


Q4. Can coaches be friends with my child on social media?

Social media is a valid form of communication, but it is important that coaches maintain professional boundaries. For that reason, coaches should ensure that they use a business profile to communicate with any children and keep all messages strictly about tennis coaching.

As a parent you should ensure that you are copied into any messages between your child and coach, this can be done for example via ‘whatsapp’ group chats.

Please see attached guidance on teen ‘sexting’ for more information

Q5. Who can transport children to tennis matches?

Parents are in the first instance responsible for transporting their child to and from competitions.

In some situations, coaches will transport players as part of the training programme and because it has been agreed with the club, parents and the child in question. In those situations, clubs and coaches should ensure the transportation occurs in line with the LTA transportation guidelines/policy, these can be found in our events and competition guidance.

Events and competition guidance

Parents can ask a friend of the family to transport their child assuming everyone is happy with this arrangement. You should not allow a coach to transport your child alone to and from tennis sessions or competitions.

Q6. How do I know if my venue is LTA registered and why should I care?

You can and should ask the venue, but you should also check the status online.

Registered venues receive various benefits along with a wide range of support and services from the LTA and County Tennis Associations to help them deliver a quality tennis programme.

In addition, all LTA registered venues have signed up to six safeguarding standards to help ensure a safe and inclusive environment for players, staff and volunteers.

These safeguarding standards are physically checked by the LTA to make sure they are embedded properly.

These standards can be found here





Parents and players safeguarding video

The LTA wants tennis in Britain to be at the forefront of safeguarding in sport and parents and carers play a vital role in achieving this. Please take a look at this dramatised true story safeguarding case to see where things can go wrong. The website is also packed with information and guidance to help you keep children under your care safe in sport.


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