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Q1. How many safeguarding standards are there for venues?

There are 6 Safeguarding Standards for venues


Q2. Why is it important to know when the DBS and accreditation expiry dates are for all coaches and colleagues working with children at my venue?

It is vital you keep a list of all the expiry dates for DBS certificates and accreditation of coaches at your venue. If a coach at your venue coaches children without a relevant DBS check they could be breaking the law, and you are failing in your duty of care as a venue. Once a coaches accreditation lapses they are not insured through the LTA and you are breaching the terms of venue registration. It is vital you keep records of these.

You can find out the expiry date of your coaches accreditation by using our find a coach tool on the LTA website.

Find a tennis coach

Q3. If I Fail to meet the safeguarding standards could my club be de-registered from the LTA?

You could potentially be at risk of de-registration if you fail to comply with the safeguarding standards for venues. All venues are subject to safeguarding support visits by the LTA which can be unannounced.

To ensure your venue is compliant you can use the resources available on the LTA webpages to conduct a self-assessment

Click here to conduct a self-assessment

Q4. Do we need to display our safeguarding policy at the venue if it is already on our website?

You should ensure the one page summary statement is displayed at your venue, if able to, and that a full copy of the policy is available to members who cannot access the online version if required.

PDF posters you can use at your venue are available by clicking the links below

Download Poster 1

Download Poster 2

Download poster 3

Q5. Who does the safer recruitment policy apply to?

All roles need to be considered. You should ensure that you have a safer recruitment policy and that you ensure you obtain references on any new employees. All employees should undertake a safeguarding induction so that they are aware of who to report concerns to and the codes of conduct at your venue.

For further information about all of these answers please follow the following link:

Venue safeguarding standards






Parents and players safeguarding video

The LTA wants tennis in Britain to be at the forefront of safeguarding in sport and parents and carers play a vital role in achieving this. Please take a look at this dramatised true story safeguarding case to see where things can go wrong. The website is also packed with information and guidance to help you keep children under your care safe in sport.


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