Top Tips for a Safer Venue

Safeguarding is the responsibility of everyone at the venue not just the welfare officer. A committee training video which should be completed by all venue committees is available at Support and guidance is also readily available from the LTA Safeguarding Team at

One of the key elements is ensuring those at your venue know who to speak to if they have a concern. As such you should have a clearly identified safeguarding section on your venue notice board which will improve awareness for all.

Displaying colourful child friendly safeguarding information which will encourage children and young people to read and report is also important with two posters downloadable below.


Safeguarding poster download

Welfare Officer poster download


Standard 1 - Safeguarding Policy and Procedures


✔ Create an induction pack for new members that provides or signposts all the relevant policies

✔ Promote the policies within member communications

✔ Make sure you're present at committee meetings and that safeguarding is on the agenda

✔ Be visible at your venue and utilise the new Welfare Officer Poster

Keeping local records of DBS, training, accreditation and coaching qualifications will ensure it’s all kept up-to- date. This must include external coaching providers working at your venue.

DBS overview

Standard 4 - Criminal Records Checks


✔ Know your staff and volunteers and ensure that you follow safe recruitment processes

✔ Keep accurate records of your staff and volunteers' Criminal Records Checks. This should be done in conjunction with your venue's committee and not managed on your own

✔ Use the Criminal Records Checks eligibility tool to understand what roles need updated checks

If you are unsure about whether an individual requires a DBS check, please view the edibility flowcharts which can be found via the link on screen. This is so you can consider who requires a DBS check and to what level.

Regulated activity overview Download

You should be using the events and trips guidance in planning for events involving your venue, including a handy checklist. Do not leave this until the last minute or as an afterthought – there is a large amount of planning that goes into trips and events and you need to consider things such as accommodation, ratios, DBS checks, and supervision.

Safeguarding at events download

Challenge poor behaviour – no one person is bigger than your Club and if a coach or anyone displays poor behaviour, it should be reported to the Club and challenged. If there is a succession of behaviour that constitutes poor practice, we should be made aware.

Report poor behaviour

We often see undue pressure on children to perform and this can severely impact their health and wellbeing. The LTA has developed resources for young people which can be found on the weblink in the presentation, specifically for coping with the demands of competition and advice around wellbeing for young people. Please direct your juniors to these pages.

Wellbeing in tennis for young people


Report a concern