Top Tips for Parents & Players


Tip 1 - Check safeguarding procedures at venues

When thinking about joining a tennis club, ask for details of its safeguarding procedures and check for this information online too. All LTA Registered Venues should have this information available. Make sure you know who the welfare officer is and let your child know so that if there are any safeguarding issues you have someone to contact. If you can’t readily establish this information please speak to the LTA safeguarding team.

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Tip 2 - Parental conduct and expectation

Be a positive role model, demonstrating appropriate behaviours and responses to events which can happen on, and off, court. The team receive a number of complaints around parental behaviour each year which often result in referrals to Social Care and the police. Please help us to make tennis safe and enjoyable for all.

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Tip 3 - Professional boundaries between player and coach

Have realistic expectations of your coach and respect their professional boundaries. Make sure you are clear on the codes of conduct for sessions so that there can be no confusion as to what is appropriate behaviour by coach and behaviour expected of you and your child. Check that your coach is LTA accredited as this ensures a basic level of safeguarding knowledge and a DBS check when coaching children.

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Tip 4 - Access safeguarding information

Be aware of the indicators of abuse. Report anything that worries you.

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Tip 5 - Report any concerns you may have

If you have a safeguarding concern and don’t feel that it has been taken seriously, contact the LTA Safeguarding Team. We are here to assist and would much rather people report to us than have a safeguarding concern on their mind.

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Tip 6 - Social media and appropriate communication

If you or your child uses social media, be aware of the information that is shared and the risks that can be posed. Ensure that contact between coach and child is solely for the purpose of arranging lessons and that parents are copied into messages.

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Parents and players safeguarding video

The LTA wants tennis in Britain to be at the forefront of safeguarding in sport and parents and carers play a vital role in achieving this. Please take a look at this dramatised true story safeguarding case to see where things can go wrong. The website is also packed with information and guidance to help you keep children under your care safe in sport.


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